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I've known for a couple of weeks now, but I haven't written about it here for a while. Plus, if you have me on Facebook or Twitter, you most likely saw my excited updates about it. I'm so excited about her coming back. I don't even really have words to explain how excited I am, haha.

My brother David and I decided that we are going to not eat meat for a year beginning January 1st. We're also giving up soda. This is going to be fun and interesting!

I've come to realize in the last couple of weeks that I am iron deficient. Which explains why I am so tired all the time and why I feel like I am going to pass out sometimes when I am on my period (lolz, period. WE'RE ADULTS HERE, PEOPLE!!!). I probably should have figured this out years ago. My hemoglobin level always barely passes when I want to donate blood (the last time I tried to give, two weeks ago, I was denied because it was too low). My mom says it's hereditary, because she is iron deficient as well. So she is going to help me remember to take iron pills every night at dinner.

My birthday is three weeks away. 23 years old. Hm. Whatever. I'm going to Disneyland again since it's free to go on my birthday this year. I am considering upgrading my free ticket to put it towards an annual pass. We'll see!

At work this morning I threw up and they sent me home, then I napped until 1pm. Later in the afternoon I watched UP with my siblings and decided that is one of my favorite movies.

My heroes.

Okay bye.
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This Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson album is good. Why did it take me so long to discover it?

I'm back from Oklahoma City. I came home and was reminded that work existed and the people there still exist (namely my ex-boyfriend who is so awkward at work. It's like he doesn't know how to smile anymore!) I cried when Liz and I were saying our goodbyes outside of security at the airport. I am so tired of having to say goodbyes to the people closest to me.

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I'm officially over summer. Why does it have to be so hot? It's the middle of September, not July. :(

I spent two weekends ago in Oklahoma visiting Liz, last weekend in Napa visiting Danny, and just got home from southern California last night. Wednesday David and I are seeing the Get Up Kids in Pomona. I'm pretty excited for that, but there's not much else going on until a month from now when I go back to OKC to visit Liz again.

I'm still in my pajamas. I should probably be getting ready for work since I have to leave in a little over an hour. But I'm lazy. Work is lame.

I'm sure that I have something to say that is actually interesting. My life is good. I've been happy these last three weeks because I've seen tons of good friends, including my two best friends, Danny and Liz, who I hardly ever see. I hadn't seen Liz in a year and a half. I'm just so thankful for all the opportunities to see my friends lately. And the way my bank account looks as well!

Oh, this weekend while we were in southern California, we went to see Every Time I Die and Oh, Sleeper play. ETID is the best. I got a pretty awesome hug from Micah as well. The night was fun. Even if David dressed up as Waldo and everyone was screaming at him.

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"God spoke to Balaam through his ass, and He has been speaking through asses ever since. So, if God should choose to speak through you, you need not think too highly of yourself. And, if on meeting someone, you recognize right away what they are, listen to them anyway."

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Danny came to visit rather quickly after being home from Alaska! He came Saturday night and left this morning. I cried the most this time than ever before when saying goodbye to him. He really is my best friend in the entire world. I don't think there is anyone that knows me better (outside of my family). Yesterday I realized that it was EXACTLY six years since him and I first met at Spirit West Coast in 2003. :)

I'm looking for shoes online to wear in Liz's wedding to get my mind off things. I'll just end up crying thinking about Danny, haha.

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I'm glad that David and I started going to Pastor Lon's Sunday school class instead of the college one. It's really grown on me a whole lot, and I really like Pastor Lon's teaching, especially when we're not watching a video, haha. Not that videos are bad.

Summer has been all right. It's hot.

I'm glad that I didn't have to work today (we don't have air conditioning at Home Depot--only in the break room). David and I went to southern California last weekend to visit Shukwit and other friends. We were there for four days, and it was really nice to be away from Porterville.

I like that picture. I took it back in February.


My heart still hurts. I just want my friend back, but of course things are just plain complicated when it comes to that. It doesn't help that he is just being an idiot. Making dumb choices, blah blah blah. WHATEVER.

I'm back in a lonely rut because I have no one outside of my family to talk to. Danny should be home from Alaska (this week?) and he promised that he would come visit before he goes out to New York to visit family. I really need it.

Abba, make me whole again.

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We went to Disneyland for David's 21st birthday.

Lauren (David's girlfriend) says that this photo is full of happiness. She's silly.

Allix came! We're happy at the happiest place on earth, can't you tell?

There's Danny. He's leaving for Alaska on Thursday. Hopefully he'll be visiting at the end of July!


Today I donated blood with my mom. I didn't realize it had been two years since the last time I donated! There was an old lady sitting with me at the table eating snacks, and she was making comments about this lady's boobz on CSI. It was funny.

I still don't want summer to come. :(

But I'm happy, kids.